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  • Bolognese

    A traditional tomato and meat ragu. Recommended with egg tagliatelle or maccheroni pasta.

    Gluten Free.

    • $16.00
  • Cherry Tomato and Red Pepper Flakes

    Vine ripened cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil are behind this “like no other” Capri style tomato sauce. Recommended with penne or spaghetti pasta.

    Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

    • $16.00
  • Salsa agli Aromi

    Heirloom tomatoes, mixed herbs and whipped ricotta. Recommended with fusilli or farfalle pasta.

    Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

    • $16.00
  • Broccoli Pesto

    Fresh broccoli and aged parmesan cheese. Recommended with fusilli and mezze maniche pasta.

    Vegetarian and gluten free.

    Contains pine nuts.

    • $16.00